Our emblematic garments that will always represent us and will never go out of style. Only the most real have them and we consider them part of our big movement.


Brand Ambassador

Ava Beathard

16-year-old Youtube star and independent musician Ava Beathard, born and raised in Franklin, Tennessee, has been on the rise since the drop of her newest single "Firefly Lullabies". She started out on Youtube with her channel "heyitsava" and her fame started with her covers and original songs which she posted on her channel.

She has amassed more than 140,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. She has also earned more than 24,000 followers to his avabeathard Instagram account.  

Brand Ambassador

JJ Shurbet

JJ Shurbet (aka scruffpuppie) is an indie/alternative artist based out of wisconsin. Musical artist who is famous for his my last name isn't ice cream YouTube channel. He has gained massive popularity there for his original vocal and acoustic covers of indie songs alongside pop singles.

He has amassed more than 310,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. He has also earned more than 60,000 followers to his scruffpuppie Instagram account.  

Brand Ambassador

Ariel Mançanares

Hi, this is ariel and music is the only thing that makes sense to me, even when apparently it doesn't make sense and it seems like a mess of different sounds. I write and sing what I feel since I was 15 and I think if I quit I die (in disgust with myself). so that's it, if you expected a cute bio saying everything I've ever done and places I've sung and acknowledgments ... maybe one day I'll write, but it's not today.

She has amassed more than 670,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. She has also earned more than 38,000 followers to his aryyzona Instagram account.  

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